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What is the water system?

What is the water system?

The  water system is also known as the roof rainwater drainage system, including finished gutter, downpipe and related components. Its function is to collect roof rainwater effectively, to drain rainwater from buildings efficiently and rationally, so as to protect the exterior facade and foundation of the house and prolong the service life of the building as far as possible.

Installation Timing of water System: The water System is usually the last link before the Falling Frame of the Outer Frame. It needs to be completed after the installation of roof tiles, wall decorative materials, eaves and exterior wall coatings are completed.

Xingyin company imports advanced technology from abroad, and continuously develops new products with unique product formulation. At the same time, it keeps strict quality control and achieves omni-directional service, so that every product sold can satisfy customers and meet the needs of people at all levels, so that everyone can have an ideal home environment. Xingyin company produces more than twenty kinds of Gutter accessories, complete varieties, the company has a variety of molding, surface treatment equipment, can provide customers with a variety of calibre and shape of finished products accessories, widely used in various industries roof drainage system, can be processed for customers in various shapes, materials, various specifications of the water system. It is hoped that with good quality and service, the beauty and harmony of a hundred years’ architecture will contribute to its own strength.

Keep up with the world’s popular styles, explore the aesthetic orientation of the development trend of humanities, endow the products with vitality, rich cultural flavor, bearing more feelings of life; draw lessons from fashion, simplicity, classics and other modern fashion style design style, draw on its essence, seek design inspiration, innovate, and strive to create a unique style. The water drop application system. It is a kind of eaves water system that imports foreign technology and ideas to replace the traditional cumbersome concrete structure. It can greatly reduce the weight of the building, and play the role of eaves decoration and aesthetics. It is convenient for construction and maintenance.

On the basis of breaking through the eaves of traditional buildings, Xingyin New gutter pursues innovative ideas and designs a new type of  water system with modern colors and smooth lines. It enhances the overall effect of the building and adds unique flavor to the building. To meet the vast number of customers’desire for innovation; white, grey, brown colors, so that the majority of customers to choose colors, and make the building wall and roof more complementary, full of vitality, so that the building and the natural environment more integrated.

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Xingyin PVC water system raw materials using high-tech weathering formula, long service life, anti-aging, in adverse environment will not occur fading, peeling and corrosion phenomenon, at the same time, the introduction of new elements from abroad additives, in line with the requirements of green environmental protection. The  water system has a complete range of components, simple and convenient installation, and is equipped with professional construction team and marketing network. Become a brand name for developers, construction contractors, architects and owners.



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