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Treatment method of the water inlet part in gutter

Treatment method of the water inlet part in gutter

drop outlet

1: Grass-roots treatment: must be flat, solid, clean, no water, no leakage, uneven and cracks must be leveled first seepage must be plugged.

2: Pre-treatment of the bottom of the ditch on both sides, joints, bites need to be polyurethane sealant sealant sealant sealant sealant inlay cracks, in the use of paint smooth. Make the edge smooth and smooth.

3: in the gutter, the mouth of the water inlet should also be made close and filled. Note that the water outlet can not be high, or if the accumulated water is finished, the whole construction operation is carried out.

4:The weight ratio of component A to component B is 1:2. The coating should be stirred well after mixing. The film thickness is generally 2.5 MM and is coated five times. The dosage of each layer should be less than 0.6 kg/㎡. (about one day and a night apart)

5: scraping: according to the design requirements of waterproof layer, use scraper to smear.

6: Spread 0.3kg/diluted on each corner evenly, apply hard and fine wool brush several times in each corner, and apply 0.4kg/polyurethane water coating with round wooden stick after the coating is dried and solidified. Wait for the middle layer to dry and the third layer polyurethane water coating is dried and solidified. The amount of application is about 0.4 kg per square meter. After drying, the second layer of non-woven fabric (60-80 g) is paved and the upper layer of polyurethane is immediately applied 0.4 kg/㎡. After drying, the surface layer of 0.4 kg/㎡can be completed in sequence. The time interval between the layers is dry and solid from each coating. Finally, waterborne asphalt-based waterproof coating protection layer, when the coating has precipitation should be stirred uniformly at any time, each person scraping, the bottom of the barrel agitated a few times to avoid precipitation.

7: the construction sequence should first add the additional layer of the node and then wipe it in a large area. The coating of corners and facades should be brushed over and over, and there should be no flow and accumulation.

8: Scraping film should be uniform, can not have local deposition, and requires several times to scrape between the coating and the base layer to leave no bubbles, bonding stringent car.

9: each layer must be coated according to the prescribed amount of material, cut can not be too thick or too thin.

10: The best construction temperature should be 5-30 ℃, the film has not yet solidified after the completion of the construction, should pay attention to protection, so as not to damage the waterproof layer.



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