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The gutter replacement is a matter for attention.

The gutter replacement is a matter for attention.

An important part of the falling water system is the gutter, which may be damaged after a period of time, so it needs timely maintenance, otherwise it will cause certain damage when clearing the old drainage gutter.

1. When the old drainage ditch is on the ground, it should be arranged in a straight line and a large number of new drainage ditches should be placed parallel to it.

2. Mark the new drainage gutter and cut it into an appropriate size segment.

3. Use wood working ruler to mark tangents.

4. Cut drainage ditches in metal falling water system with steel saws or electric saws with metal cutting blades, file edges, and brush anti-rust agent on the surface of the cut.

5. Use the hand saw with a sharp saw tooth to cut the plastic drain gutter.

6. In order to prevent the drainage ditch wall from softening when cutting the drainage ditch, the wood filler can be filled into the drainage ditch and made as close as possible to the incision position.

7. After cutting, rough edges are arranged.

8. Before installing the new draining gutter, check whether the cornice is corroded.

9, if there is damage, we need to change it in time.

10. Place the end of the drainage gutter water drop system at the lower level of the eaves board.

The importance of the gutter in the roof falling water system is clear to everyone. In the roof drainage process, there are more or less problems in the gutter used. The updating of the gutter can ensure the normal drainage of the whole falling water system.

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