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The characteristics of the water drop system

The characteristics of the water drop system :

1, the design of the double wall falling water internal structure has maintained the durability and hardness of the PVC falling water system.

2. The design of the two-part fixing clip makes the water pipe look beautiful and generous, and can be well fixed on any external wall facade.

3. The design of protective net and round inner wall reduces the frequency of decontamination and makes the dust removal convenient and fast.

4, the whole water system is beautiful in appearance and elegant in color.

5. Good toughness, low temperature impact resistance, resistance to impact, ladder pressure, snow, not easy to appear depression, distortion or deformation.

6, PVC materials that are more resistant to high temperatures can resist prolonged exposure to sunlight.

7, UV resistance, good aging resistance, acid and alkali corrosion.

8, easy to cut, easy to install, no special tools.

9, mature formula technology, maintain product performance with super stability.

10. The eaves trench cover is exquisitely made, and the components are connected by a reliable way of inlay connection to ensure that the system does not leak and the drainage is more smooth.

11. The inner wall of the gutter is designed with small arc edges to prevent dirt buildup and facilitate cleaning.

12. The drop bucket is equipped with special lifting components with locking device to facilitate movement.




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