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Production standard of color aluminum drop system

Production standard of color aluminum drop system

Material: 3003 series aluminum and manganese alloy

Model: K type water falling system, semi-circular U type water falling system

Gutter specifications: 5.5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches

Specification of rain water pipe: 82* 50,82 * 60,100 *75, for 75 round pipes and 100 round pipes

Regular color: dark brown, white

Product features:

Fashionable and elegant appearance small arc side design endows the building of different style with character and aura

Design of corrugated rectangular downpipe. It is distinguished and naturally integrated with the entire facade

Unique seamless use of rain water pipes. It is expensive to prevent rainwater from leaking and to make sophisticated components

Production standard of color aluminum falling water system:

A. The falling water system adopts 3003 series aluminum and manganese alloy.

B. the thickness of aluminum coil is 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, etc

C. The surface of the aluminum coil is specially cleaned and then sprayed with electrostatic spraying with color outdoor polyester coating. The coating thickness is not less than 20um

D. The weather resistance of the coating shall be no less than 7 years, with high weather resistance, high hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance, meeting the requirements of environmental protection for export.

E. Aluminum thickness deviation is not greater than 0.02 and length deviation is not greater than 5%

F. The wall thickness of seamless falling pipe is not less than 0.7

The falling water system USES aluminum – manganese alloy, aluminum – magnesium alloy and aluminum – magnesium – silicon alloy.

The thickness of aluminum coil can be varied, which can be selected according to our needs.

The surface of the aluminum coil is cleaned specially and then sprayed with a colored coating. The thickness of the coating is also standard.

The weathering resistance of the coating shall be no less than 7 years, meeting the environmental requirements; Colored aluminum forms an oxide film on the surface of the metal, which ensures that colored aluminum is not oxidized.

It can guarantee that in the cold and hot weather, the falling water system will not be affected.

Aluminum alloy gutter to paint surface when the quality assurance.

When conducting electrostatic spraying, the quality shall be guaranteed, and no paint shall be removed, no abnormal changes will occur, and anti-corrosion can be achieved.

What to do for electrostatic spraying:

The specifications should be within the specified standard range.

The paint must be above the national standard.

The composite process and specification should meet the installation requirements.

The finished roll must be used within march from the date of painting, otherwise it will cause oxidation and pollution.

Electrostatic spraying is not suitable for chemical damage.

Contact the relevant department if there is any situation.

Anti-corrosion: inner wall anodic oxidation anti-corrosion treatment, to see the bad environment will not appear corrosion.

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