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Problems encountered in the use of color aluminum gutters

Problems encountered in the use of color aluminum gutters

Color aluminum rain gutter have been favored by many builders in recent years. An oxide film is formed on the surface of the metal aluminum, so that the aluminum is no longer oxidized, corrosion resistant, and resistant to aging. Under this premise, the aluminum surface has been subjected to different surface treatments to achieve rich colors and different styling effects. It has been used for a long time, suitable for interior and exterior exterior decorative materials, strong metallic texture, and can enhance the building’s Noble temperament.
The application of roofing systems and gutters has experienced a long period of development. The following problems are common in the use of basic roof water and gutters:

1,rain gutter detail processing problem

Balcony, roof and other pre-buried PVC pipes, because the location design does not comprehensively consider the problem of centralized discharge, which makes it difficult to effectively interconnect the pre-embedded PVC pipe and metal pipe, complicated riser direction, affecting the appearance and drainage, or In the docking of the metal pipe and the PVC pipe, a large amount of sealant is sealed to cause water leakage! Metal drop systems and gutters have high requirements for sealant sealing. Many installation companies use cheap sealants or unqualified installers for cost savings because of sufficient awareness and common sense of construction technology for sealants. It is inevitable that the leakage of the gutters will be cut.

2, the roof waterproof effect is poor

Many real estate projects do not have waterproof or effective waterproofing on the cement roof. When the roof tile is damaged or the roof tile itself sees water, the direct rainwater leaks into the cement roof, and then accumulates in the cement mouth and cannot be metal gutter, causing serious urinary sputum. Phenomenon; we found in some projects that when drilling with a hammer drill in the mouth, there is rain pouring inside!

3. Influence the finished rain gutter

For the design of the cornice structure, roofing tile and metal falling water, all three are more effective docking. Therefore, some projects are designed according to the design of the cornice and roofing tile, the installation of color aluminum gutters is impermanent, or it is necessary to take special when installing. The measures, and thus the rainwater can not be effectively collected, causing various problems such as rain and waterfall, urinary tract, and unreliable installation.

4, product color problem

At present, some projects have been found that have installed metal water systems and gutters. In less than three years, the products have experienced serious discoloration or peeling, the gutters drooping or severely tilting, and even falling from high altitude; the reason is because of low prices. Competing or unprofessional market participants are intentionally or unintentionally eroding the original excellence of metal falling water.

Color aluminum gutter installation easy to learn and convenient color aluminum finished gutters due to fewer accessories, easy to install, natural and reliable connection between accessories. With the increasing importance of building energy conservation, energy-saving solutions that are economical, practical, and easy to implement have become a common issue for designers and personnel. It is both distinguished and uniquely integrated with the entire exterior facade to create a unique seamless rainwater pipe.

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