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Maintenance and maintenance of gutter

Maintenance and maintenance of gutter

Gutter is an important part of the house appearance. They can direct large amounts of precipitation away from the foundations of houses. If the gutter is damaged, your basement or even your house may be damped. This article will show readers how to identify and repair the most common problems in the gutter.


Nowadays, many gutters are formed in one piece, which belongs to seamless butt joint. However, the gutters of many old houses still use two metal plates connected together, which leads to leakage of joints become very common. Usually on rainy days, no one goes out to check whether the gutter is leaking, so regular checks are crucial. Spray water from garden pipes on sunny days onto the roof above the gutter. If there is a problem with the gutter, you will see a leak in 3-5 minutes. Record the position of the leaking joint.

rain gutter

The process of repairing is very easy. When the gutter is completely dry, clean the leaking area thoroughly, then use waterproof tape to adhere to the surface or glue the glass to the joint.

waterproof glue

Small holes in aluminium sheet

It can be repaired with putty for roofing. Similarly, to ensure that the leak around the dry, small hole surface with putty can be sealed. Pay attention to the use of putty need not be too much, otherwise it will not be easy to completely dry, if in the rainy season, we must look at the weather forecast, otherwise you may lose your labor.


big hole appeared on the board.

Cover the hole with a piece of metal, fix it with putty, and cover the edge of the metal sheet to prevent water from leaking below the edge. Likewise, make sure that the whole area is clean and dry, in order to ensure viscosity.

Gutter sink

Over time, the gutter may sink and cause water to leak out of the gutter in advance. The way to repair sinking gutters is to add drains. Put one in a sagging place and lift it up until it is inline with the rest of the tank. Don’t lift it too high, or you will create a new “low point” that will hold water.

Water overflow in the gutter

The main cause of water overflow is blockage. Like leaves, dust, everything that affects cleanliness can clog the gutter. Maintain regular cleaning of the gutter or determine how long it will be cleaned according to need. Another reason is that the sink is not deep enough or the precipitation is too high. This situation has to be solved by replacing the gutter.

Drainage pipe leakage

It’s a serious problem. They leak ahead of time, which prevents water from entering the drainage canal, and then leaks directly into a corner outside the house. The best way is to replace the downspout rather than risk serious damage to the foundation of the house.

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