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Knowing these 9 points, installing the gutter will not panic.

Knowing these 9 points, installing the gutter will not panic.

1. If there is a gutter, the tie rod can not be designed close to the top of the column, otherwise it may lead to the installation of sewer. In addition, the position of the gutter and the tie rod and the support between the columns must be fully considered, otherwise they will touch the support between the tie rod or the tie rod.

2. The arrangement of horizontal support bolts in baskets should be reasonable, not deviating from the main girder too large, and the convenience of installation should be considered. Otherwise, the worker must find out the body to tighten the basket bolt or use the ladder when installing, otherwise tightening the truss after installing the truss is very unsafe. We should also consider the position of rafters and do not struggle with rafters when we secure horizontal support.

3. Don’t consider such factors as “pull edge and pressure edge” on pur strip’s pull hole, and punch with different top and bottom edges. Because installation is easy to install and reverse, the result is disadvantageous.

4. The corners of doors and windows cannot be generalized, because structurally you can’t guarantee that the plate is located at the top or in the groove of the special-shaped plate.

5. In large-scale projects, the depth of drawing numbering must take into account the convenience of production, delivery and installation.

6. The “load and other data” provided by Party A must understand its true meaning, because Party A often does not understand these too professional matters. We must consider empathy. We have done a good job in the early stage and much better in the follow-up work.

7. The position of high strength bolts should be reasonable. The structure space of torque circuit breaker and torque wrench should be considered. Do not install it, because the space is too small, torsor and torque wrench can not be seated, so that high-strength bolts can not be distorted. Or you can’t tighten the high strength bolts.

8. High-strength bolt connection plate, if possible, try to use the upper and lower symmetrical bolt layout method. There were six of the top six in the coalition, and workshop workers accidentally knocked back some of them and couldn’t get it on the spot.

9. If the light steel structure has a maintenance brick wall, it must be docked with the construction unit and the civil construction unit in advance, because it involves two aspects of civil engineering and steel structure, because the brick wall of civil buildings may not be straight. The overflow of coloured steel plate should not be large or small. The result is that the gap between the color steel plate and brick wall is too large and it is difficult to treat the color steel plate and brick wall with flooding water, so the construction unit has psychological preparation.



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