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Installation technology of finished gutter

Installation technology of finished gutter

Nowadays, the new type of water system breaks through the traditional building water system, combined with the characteristics of domestic and foreign buildings and the development of PVC drainage system, the use of finished ditches, not only has drainage function but also has decorative effect, enriching the overall effect of the building.

Finished products gutter its accessories facilities are very comprehensive and perfect, orderly drainage system, and can solve the balcony leakage. At this point, it can better meet the needs of buildings and users. However, the installation of the finished product ditch also needs careful design. Today we will explain the installation steps of the finished product ditch.

1. determine the location of the downhole and measure the length of the cornice.

finished gutter

1.1 According to the design drawings, combined with the external facade, roof shape, doors and windows of the A-shaped building, eaves ditch starting point in each unit at the eaves of the gable wall, according to the drawing drainage direction to the middle or side of the installation, the location of the water pipe see the design diagram.

1.2 measure the actual length of the cornice and make a good record.

2. the gutter installation line:

2.1 The eaves trench installation line is the standard line for fixing the eaves trench. The horizontal line is made with the horizontal pipe. The eaves trench installation line is popped out with ink bucket according to the slope of 1%.

2.2 the installation line is 4cm from the roof tile.

3. assembling gutter:

3.1 according to the shape of the roof and the length of the cornice, the cutting and linking work of the gutter is segmented.

3.2 Color aluminium eaves trench length is 3.0 meters / strip, with the aviation shear to make a connection incision, in the eaves trench before turning edge cut 3 cm, lying in another eaves trench and compacting. Overlap 3cm at the junction, rivet the sequence according to the rear side side of the base, and seal with weather resistant structural adhesive.

4. assembling hook:

4.1 determine hook quantity according to eaves length and install hook.

4.2 The spacing of eaves trench hooks is 500-600mm, and the spacing of hooks near the edge of the cover should be 300mm. According to this principle, the installation of the hooks should be located.

4.3 add a hook at the corner of the eaves gutter, the junction of the eaves gutter and the water inlet.

5. installing gutter:

5.1 Use percussion drill to drill hole in the position of hook in eaves trench with Φ6 bit to ensure that the depth of penetration into cement layer is not less than 6cm.

5.2 The hole is filled with weather resistant structural adhesive, and the hammer is gently knocked into the plastic plug of Φ6.

5.3 clip the gutter hook into the gutter, and position the screws to drill through the pistol drill. The stainless steel screw of Φ4 x 40mm is screwed into the plastic rubber plug and tapped lightly with a hammer to make the trench and the wall firm.

5.4 Install the cover, clamp the cover on the eaves with vise, make the cover and eaves close, and seal the interior with weatherproof structural glue.

5.5 Weatherproof structural adhesives are used to seal the gutters and walls to prevent rain water from polluting the gutters and facades of the external walls.

5.6 the net should be laid on the gutter hook and separated by stainless steel wire.

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