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Aluminum rain gutter installation manual

Installation instructions for green building materials color aluminum water drop system


The green building material coloured aluminium gutter water system provides designers and builders with energy-saving design and installation as the starting point, with its scientific standards of design and manufacture, fully meet the characteristics of various architectural design and construction, design and installation is simple, easy to learn.

1.water drop system illustration and preparation before installation

1.1 Schematic diagram of color aluminum gutter water system:

aluminum gutter project

1.2 color aluminum gutter water system node diagram:

aluminum gutter

1.3 Roof structure diagram of color aluminum gutter water system

Roof structure diagram of color aluminum water drop system

Note 1: The thickness of leveling layer of roof eaves cement mortar is not less than 3 cm, so as to ensure the nail holding strength of plastic bolt of hook hanger.

Note 2: the roof of the roof exceeds the 20~30mm of the gutter and the height of the wall is between 10mm~30mm.

Note 3: When the roof eaves are not perpendicular to the ground, the pad should be added between the eaves and the trench to ensure the level of the trench.

1.4 Catchment calculation and downpipe location of color aluminum gutter water system

Catchment calculation and downpipe location of color aluminum gutter water system

Note 1:O is the location of the downpipe, T is the highest point of the gutter, and the dashed line is the roof.

For 2:80 flat roof projection, we need a 2X3 inch downpipe (calculated according to the water drop in Shanghai area).

Note 3: Figs 1 and 2, when 1/2 of the roof area≤80㎡, the whole roof needs two water pipes; Fig 3, when 1/2 of the roof area >80㎡, the whole roof needs four water pipes.

Note 4: try not to climb the waist line to ensure smooth flow.

Note 5: balcony, drainage of air-conditioning should be separately set up drainage pipe.

1.5 Installation time:

After the roof tile pavement and eaves are painted, the roof trench shall be installed before the scaffolding is removed, and the falling water pipe shall be installed according to the schedule.

2 Installation of the gutter

2.1 Determine the location of the downpipe:

According to the characteristics of the roof of this unit, choose a reasonable position of the downpipe.

2.2 Draw the guide line:

A fixed nail is nailed with ink line from the higher end of the hook down about 3 cm, and the guide line of the hook is drawn at a slope of 3 cm per 3 m downward from the nail to the nozzle.

2.3 Measurement of roof eaves length:

Measure the length of cement cornice under roof tile.

2.4 Determine the length of gutter:

A if the eaves of this section are straight lines, the eaves will be equal to the gutter.

B if the eaves length is larger than the gutter, the gutter needs to be pieced together and the gutter at the junction overlaps 2cm.

C if the hook direction has an external corner, the length of the gutter is greater than the length of the eaves.

Each additional 90 degrees angle, the gutter is 130mm longer than the eaves.

Each additional 135 degrees angle, the gutter is 70mm longer than the eaves.

2.5 Connecting gutter:

According to the total length of the groove, the groove is cut into sections, and the groove connection incision is made, and the groove is riveted in the ground working area.

Connecting gutter

2.6 Trimming the inside and outside corners:

According to the angle of the inside and outside corners, the oblique angle is cut with a hacksaw.

2.7 Install end seal plate:

Two holes before and after drilling and fasten with rivet.

Install end seal plate

2.8 Installation of gutter hangers:

Installation of gutter hangers

A. Set an expansion hole 2 cm downward from the end to the back along the guide line of Tiangou. The inner wall of Tiangou is flat with the guide line. The aperture is 8 mm and the depth is not less than 4 cm.

B. Distribution of gutter hangers:The first lifting member is installed on the gutter from the end.

C. a hanging member is installed at the corner.

D. a hanger is installed at the intake.

E. in the gutter direction, the maximum distance between the two lifting parts is not more than 1.5 meters.

F. In the ground working area,Ф8 twist drill are used to guide the air through the gutter wall.

G. fixes one end of the gutter to the eaves with plastic bolts, and makes the inner wall of the gutter smooth with the guide line, and uses Ф8

The percussion drill bit passes through the guide hole of the lifting member, drilling second expansion holes, and fixing the lifting parts to install in turn.

H If the roof eaves are solid wood structure, can use curved hangers, eaves without drilling, can directly screw through the gutter wall, fixed in the eaves.

2.9 Inside and outside corner of riveting:

Inclined incisions and internal and external corners should first be installed in the ground working area; first the corner riveted on one end of the eaves ditch, adjust the angle, and then riveted with the other end.

3.installing downpipe

3.1 making the water intake:

According to the location of the water intake, we use flat shovel, iron shears or angle grinder to make the water inlet in the working area of the ground.

3.2 Install elbow:

According to the location of the intake, the elbow is riveted on the well made water inlet.


3.3 Determine the position of the pipe clamp.

According to the location of the water inlet, the position of the pipe clamp is determined by line dropping.

The maximum distance between the two pipe cards is not more than 3 meters, and a pipe clamp is arranged below the elbow connected with the gutter.

A pipe clamp is set at the lower end of the downpipe 30cm.

3.4 Installation of pipe clamp:

Put expansion holes in the corresponding position on the wall, and fix the pipe clip with plastic bolts. If the wall has insulation layer, it must be lengthened bolts to ensure firm fixation.

pipe clamp

3.5 Cutting the downpipe:

According to the location of the downcomer, the length of the downcomer is cut and the insertion part overlaps 3 cm.

aluminum pipe

3.6 Pipe clamp riveting:

The two sides of the pipe clamp cover the downpipe and rivet with rivet.

4.fill seal protection