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How to calculate the size of gutter

How to calculate the size of gutter


In the construction, the construction amount of the gutter is calculated according to the designed size in terms of volume, without deducting the volume of steel reinforcement and embedded iron parts.

Calculation method of the width of the gutter: according to the depth of the gutter h, according to the time t calculated by GTT /2=h, the width of the gutter w=vt, so the designed width of the gutter cannot be less than the obtained w.

Firstly, the height of the gutter cannot be small, otherwise the water will overflow, which is the basic calculation method to calculate that the gutter does not overflow.

Secondly, the size of the gutter should meet the need of displacement, which is well understood. This requires the width and height of the gutter to meet the drainage requirements.

However, this point has something to do with the drainage system, which has strong drainage capacity, and the water depth before the storm drain is small, and the size of the gutter is small. If the drainage system requires little, it is suggested to use the siphon rainwater system, which can help the gutter to do very little.



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