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How to Avoid the Defects of rain gutter Production

How to Avoid the Defects of rain gutter Production

rain gutter production process

We all know that simple and rough production process, natural production of good rain gutter. This requires the manufacturer of the rain gutter, in production, to make a strict assessment process of the rain gutter, then how to avoid defects in the production process of the rain gutter?

1. The falling roof coil continues to be laid on the vertical wall to form a waterproof coil with a flooding height of not less than 250 mm.

2. At the joint between the roof and the vertical parapet wall, the mortar leveling layer should be painted into a circular arc or 45 degree inclined surface, and the film adhesive should be brushed to make the film adhesive dense, avoid the overhead or breakage of the film, and lay a layer of film.

3. Do a good job of fixing the end of the coiled material at the flooding mouth to prevent the coiled material from sliding on the vertical wall. The general practice is to cut a long groove in the vertical wall, press the coil down into the groove, press it with a waterproof pressing pin, then fill it with sealing material and protect it with cement mortar. Waterproof treatment should also be done on the wall above the groove. Popular explanation: flooding refers to the waterproofing method of roof parapet wall, eaves or high-low roof walls. Its main function is to ensure that parapet wall, eaves, high-low roof walls are not washed by rain, and to protect the waterproof layer of the rest of the roof (not to enter water).

4. rain gutter eaves: the part of the roof plane projecting the wall, mainly for the convenience of roof drainage. Secondly, eaves play a beautiful role. Some sloping roofs and tiled roofs do not do eaves, and a few flat roofs with no organized drainage do not do eaves.

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