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Gutter and downpipe plugging mode

Gutter and downpipe plugging mode

When roof drain works such as gutter and water pipes are encountered, leakage stoppage measures should be taken:

Remove old waterproof coating and insulation layer and dig out old caulking materials.

After cleaning, scraping and filling the material of the caulking joint, making a cloth, two coat and reinforcing layer on the surface.

Maintenance of roof water leakage:

1: clean up the waterproof coating on the surface of the water, and the surface should be dry and clean.

2: An additional layer of matrix reinforcement should be added to the flooding area, and the flooding height of the waterproof coating layer should not be less than 250mm.

3: The waterproof layer and base should be cleaned up when repairing the ditch and water fall. The ditch should be dry and no water accumulation. The water fall should be anchored with the base. The diameter of the additional layer should be 100 mm larger than that of the water drop. The waterproof layer should be coated with matrix reinforcement.



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