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Excellent performance of color aluminum water drop system

Excellent performance of color aluminum gutter water drop system

aluminum gutter pipe

The color aluminum water drop system has excellent weather resistance, simple design, simple installation, safety and durability. Its rich color, metallic texture and beautiful shape bring strong expression to buildings.

Colored aluminum gutter water drop system

1. Beautiful colors: The coloured aluminium drop system provides designers and developers with a variety of colour products to match the eaves, waistlines and exterior walls of the building. Change the traditional monotonous color, for your house “finishing touch” to achieve the perfect combination of traditional architecture and modern art!

2. As new as the past: metal aluminum surface will form an invisible oxide film, so that aluminum no longer oxidized, this self-protection makes aluminum has a very high corrosion resistance; secondly, aluminum alloy substrate surface coated with color polyester coating, color stability; the third aluminum alloy thermal expansion coefficient and cement base coefficient is close, will not fall in color aluminum. After the water system is used, it will cause swelling and cracking, resulting in leakage; meanwhile, the strength and performance of the aluminum alloy will remain unchanged between – 45 degree C and 260 degree C; therefore, it can be used in cold areas, such as northeast China; strong sunshine, such as southern China, which can withstand large temperature difference between day and night; such as Xinjiang, China, which can be used in harsh and changeable climate to ensure a long time. It’s new.

3. Safety: The proportion of metal aluminum alloy is 2.7, the whole falling system is relatively light, and the stress safety is greatly increased.

4. green environmental protection: Manganese aluminum alloy is recyclable.

Color aluminum water drop system features:

Metal texture brings strong expression to architecture.

The choice of different colors gives designers broad imagination.

The collocation with the color of the building shows the natural atmosphere of the building.

Colored aluminum will not oxidize, because the surface of metal aluminum will form invisible oxide film.

The polyester coating on the surface of coloured aluminium can keep its gorgeous color under the harsh and changeable weather conditions such as cold and high temperature, acid rain and salt erosion.

Due to the low proportion of Al-Mg alloy and metal hooks, the trench is safe and reliable, and easy to install.

It can be recycled and accords with the requirements of green building and environmental protection.



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