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Composition and 4 Advantages of Villa rain gutter Falling

Composition and 4 Advantages of Villa rain gutter Falling

Villa rain gutter drainage system is composed of roof, gutter, rainwater pipe, rain chain, rainwater bucket, and related components. It can effectively collect roof rainwater and systematically drain rainwater from buildings reasonably and efficiently, so as to protect the facade and foundation of houses while completing roof rainwater drainage, extend the service life of buildings as far as possible, and also play a certain decorative beauty.,effect. On the basis of breaking through the falling water of traditional buildings, a new type of falling water system is developed by studying the roof drainage of foreign countries and combining the characteristics of domestic buildings. How much do you know about the specific content of rain gutter water system?

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1. rain gutter water-falling system adopts double-wall large radian design, which makes the product have both drainage function and decorative effect, and enriches the overall effect of the building.

2. Double-wall eaves and ditches and imported anti-impact additives are used in the gutter drainage system, which makes the components have both strength and toughness, and the joint design is reasonable, taking into account the sealing performance of the eaves and ditches, as well as the convenience of construction and no water storage phenomenon.

3. rain gutter Falling Water System is made of ethylene polymer with unique formula. It has good anti-ultraviolet performance, excellent weather resistance, no oxidation, no corrosion and no pollution to the wall.

4. rain gutter fittings and accessories are complete. Organized drainage is used to protect lawn greening. Free sludge splashing on the wall is avoided to affect the wall effect. Rainwater pipe transfer joint and arc rainwater bucket are used to solve the characteristics of balcony, drainage of ground leakage and organized outflow of air conditioning condensation, so as to ensure that the system is more perfect and adapts to domestic buildings.

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