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Cleaning technique of gutter in water system

Cleaning technique of gutter in drop water system

We know that the water system is used to make the water flow down the tool, now the building is more and more beautiful, but the rain will make some dirt flow to the wall, affect the visual effect of the building, now the house see more and more high and inconvenient cleaning, increase the difficulty of maintenance and cleaning, the water system appeared. To solve this problem. But because the water system is outside the roof, and basically located on the roof, vulnerable to fallen leaves and other debris, so we have to regularly clean the roof water system ditch fallen leaves and other debris, otherwise it is easy to cause blockage of the water system. Generally, the gutter is made of white iron or asbestos cement. Water system

In construction, the volume of the trench is calculated according to the design size, without deducting the volume of reinforcement and embedded iron. The gutter is the concave part between the two hips of a building’s roof. Gutter is an important part of the water system, so the maintenance and cleaning of gutter is necessary. The following is a brief introduction of the gutter cleaning skills:

1., manual cleaning and mechanical supplemented construction.

2. garbage and fashion bags that are removed should not be thrown at will.

3. after removing rust, mechanical rust removal, rust removal after 2 hours of anti rust paint.

4. during construction, people are prohibited from standing in the gutter

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