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Characteristics of PVC water dropping system

Characteristics of PVC water dropping system

1. The design of the internal structure of the two-wall falling water maintains the endurance and hardness of the falling water system.

2. The design of two fixed clamps makes the downpipe beautiful and elegant, and can be well fixed to any external facade.

3. The protection net and circular inner wall design reduce The Times of decontamination and make dust removal convenient and fast.

4. The entire falling water system is beautiful in appearance and elegant in color.

5. Good toughness, good impact resistance at low temperature, shock resistance, shock resistance, pressure of ladder landing, snow cover, and difficulty in depression, distortion or deformation.

6. PVC materials that are more resistant to high temperature can resist prolonged sun exposure.

7. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, good aging resistance, and anti-acid and alkali corrosion, as old as new.

8. Easy cutting and installation, no special tools required. Waterproof breathable film

9. Mature formulation technology to maintain superior stability of product performance.

10. The gutter cover is elaborately made, and the components adopt a reliable way of embedded and suction connection to ensure that the system does not leak and the drainage is more smooth.

11. The inner wall of the gutter is designed for small arc edges to prevent the accumulation of dirt and facilitate cleaning.

12. Special lifting member with locking device is attached to the hopper for easy movement (such as mowing grass or regular maintenance). The color of the falling water system the color of the two-wall falling water system is distinguished subwhite.

Double effective falling

The PVC double wall gutter system was developed by using novel technical scheme. Unique gutter profile designed with decorative cornice and integrated with the architectural style of the house. With proper structure and superior performance, it can resist impact, pressure on ladders, snow cover or prolonged sun exposure, and is not prone to depression, distortion or deformation. The two-wall falling system is completely based on high technology. This specially designed two-walled structure increases stiffness and effectively increases resistance to falling water. PVC water falling systems also increase resistance to UV, acid rain and air pollution. The special advantages of PVC make it unnecessary for us to renovate and paint the house.

The system reflects the design concept of people-oriented, so that the drainage of rain from now on in your control. Use high quality PVC synthetic material, meet cold heat not to be deformed, won’t appear the phenomenon that rusts like the metal drops water so. No matter classical or modern, no matter what kind of style your building is, we always create the falling water system that belongs to you and add a bright color to your building.

Show the style of falling water, highlighting three points: 1) soft lines; 2) people-oriented; 3) blend into the house.



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