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Acceptance check rain gutter system

Acceptance check system

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Falling water system installation will bring great convenience to use, if not installed, it will greatly affect the future,

so when you install or find someone to install for you.

you must learn to acceptance check, so the following manufacturers of falling water system installation acceptance standards for you.

Water falling system

1. the gutter joint, the classical rain bucket / outlet, and the inside and outside corner of the gutter need to increase the installation of the eaves hook.

2. there is no construction waste and other debris in the eaves and rainwater pipes.

3. the eaves ditch is straight along the cornice, and at the same time, it inclines to the outlet 3‰.

The level 2m can Deviations ≤4mm,20m check one place.

4. The riser is secured by the expansion bolt on the wall without any instability. 20m check 3 points.

5. vertical pipe vertical.The perpendicularity of 2m can Deviations ≤4mm,20m check one place.

Full height theodolite inspection should be less than 20mm deviation.

6. the riser connection needs a pipe card. The metal pipe clamp must be combined with the metal riser, and whether the hole on the frontal wall of the hanging card is sealed.

7. Check the distance between the eaves ditch and the eaves tiles: 2 L water is filled in a barrel with a diameter of 300 mm. At a distance of 2 m from the eaves, the eaves ditch can not be flushed by single point dumping at one time.

8. The eaves and ditches on both sides of the corner must be hooked at the same height, and the allowable deviation of the levelness at both ends can deviations ≤4 mm.

9. After the installation of the falling water system is completed, the running water test is carried out to confirm that there are no errors, and the adjustment and re-inspection are carried out according to the need.

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