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9 steps to replace the damaged color aluminum gutter

9 steps to replace the damaged color aluminum gutter

An important part of the water system is the color aluminum gutter, which may be broken after a period of use, so it needs to be replaced in time. Replacement steps after damage to the color aluminum gutter

1. When the old color aluminum gutters are on the ground, they are correctly aligned in a straight line, and a large number of new drainage grooves are required to be placed in parallel with them.

2. Mark the new color aluminum gutter and cut it into pieces of appropriate size.

3. Mark the tangent with a carpentry ruler.

4. Use a hacksaw or a chainsaw with a metal cutting blade to cut the color aluminum gutter in the metal drowning system, rinsing the edges, and applying a rust inhibitor to the surface of the cut.

5. Use a hand saw with sharp serrations to cut the plastic color aluminum gutter.

6. In order to prevent the wall of the drain from becoming soft when cutting the drain, the wood filler can be filled into the color aluminum gutter and placed as close as possible to the cut position.

7. After the cutting is completed, the rough edges are finished.

8. If there is damage, replace it in time.

9. Place the end of the color aluminum gutter drop system at the lowest point of the sealing plate.
In various buildings, with the continuous innovation and improvement of building technology, the gutters are also changing from the initial concrete to the finished gutters. The biggest role of the color aluminum gutter is to extend the service life of the building. Therefore, when problems occur in the gutter, it needs to be replaced in time.

A good building, after a time test, the same good building needs good products. The color aluminum gutter produced by our factory has the characteristics of high impact strength, small fluid resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long service life, and it is light in weight, convenient in transportation, convenient in construction and cost-saving. It is promoted by the Ministry of Construction. A new generation of building drainage and sewage pipes.
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