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7 Common Problems in the Manufacture and Installation of rain gutter

7 Common Problems in the Manufacture and Installation of rain gutter

Rain gutter is a necessary component of roof drainage system. rain gutter is mainly used to collect rainwater temporarily and drain it in time through downspout. Make the best use of hanging gutter, small size, but also can be used as cornice trim. Suitable color, delicate installation of gutter and decoration will undoubtedly add a lot of color to the decorative effect of the whole project.

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7 Common Problems in Manufacturing and Installation of rain gutter

(1) Advantages and Material Selection of Steel Plate rain gutter

In large-scale factories, steel plate rain gutter is also a large part of the steel consumption, but steel plate rain gutter also has its own advantages, the wind load in coastal areas is generally larger. If the color plate rain gutter is used, under the strong wind load, the color plate rian gutter appears weak and easy to be lifted by the wind suction, and the design of steel plate rain gutter has a great impact on its durability, so the design and material selection of steel plate rain gutter can not be ignored.

The most commonly used rain gutter material is 1.2mm, 2mm or 2.5mm thick stainless steel; 3mm or 5mm thick galvanized steel; according to the importance of the building, cost, the grade of other materials used should be considered comprehensively.

Generally, the roof ditch depth of civil buildings should not be less than 250 mm. According to the clearance of roof slab bottom and roof truss, the space needed for gradient adjustment of roof rain gutter should be considered. When determining the width, two factors should be considered: first, whether the drainage can pass or not; second, the commonly used three specifications of the roof width are 1.0m, 1.2m and 1.5m, so as to make the best use of the slab, the high-demand building must design the rain gutter to be retractable.

(2) Leakage water treatment at the overlap of color pvc rain gutter

The color pvc rain gutter board can be lapped by 100 mm. Rivet connection is used at the lap. If you want to ensure that the rain gutter does not leak, you should use waterproof glue. The concrete method is to overlap the roof rian gutter of the color plate and apply two neutral silica gels (acid glue and alkaline glue can not be used, compatibility and durability of the color plate are problematic). The sealant position is 10 mm apart from the edges of the two overlapping plates respectively, and the overlapping position is fixed by two waterproof rivets.

The center distance of each waterproof rivet is 80 mm. The two rivets are distributed staggeringly. The rivets should be struck on the sealing line. Note that the pull rivet should be waterproof and should not be used with a penetrating pull rivet in the middle.

After such meticulous construction, water leakage may also occur, which may be due to the failure of silica gel, the rust of rivets, the rust of stainless steel sheets at rivets, and the failure of silica gel.

The main reason for the failure of silica gel is the breakage of polymer chain caused by ultraviolet irradiation. A good silica gel should have a long life between steel plates.

(3) Dropping treatment of steel rain gutter 

In the construction of steel rain gutter , it is sometimes found that the phenomenon of trench deflection occurs when the column spacing is larger and the rain gutter thickness is smaller. The solutions are as follows:

1. The long tie beam under the rain gutter is used as the support of the rain gutter to ensure that it does not sag or underneath. It is better to weld the rain gutter with a larger middle slope. When installing, try to avoid walking in the trench so as not to deflect.

2. The problem can be solved thoroughly by using the welded groove with a certain slope from the middle of the rian gutter to both ends, but the Non-curvature will increase the processing cost of the rain gutter.

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(4) rain gutter and Drainage Pipe

The size of the pvc rain gutter does not have much to do with the area of the roof. Just keep the height of the pvc rain gutter  consistent with the height of the purlin. The main thing is the number of rainwater pipes. The drainage area of rainwater pipes is generally less than 180㎡ according to the diameter of 110 mm rainwater pipes. The rest are calculated on this basis. So there will be no overflow of water in the ditch. If the exact value is needed, it must be calculated according to the formula.

(5)Interior gutter needs to Look for Slopes

In theory, rain gutter can be used to find slopes, and the standard stipulates five thousandths. However, few companies will go to find the slope. It is more troublesome to deal with the unequal height of the joints. In fact, rain gutter slope search, I have always considered the concept of concrete rain gutter, concrete rain gutter because of the larger coefficient of friction, drainage is not smooth, so slope search is required. The gutter surface is much smoother than concrete, and the resistance to water is very small (friction coefficient is small), and because the rain gutter stiffness is larger, if stainless steel trench, the rain gutter bracket will generally be added, and the water will gradually discharge, the load is smaller, the deflection will not be large, so even if there is water, it is very little, and will soon volatilize. Moreover, the rainfall in the northwest region itself is quite small, so the rain gutter need not look for slope in this respect. Moreover, the outer gutter plays an aesthetic decorative role. It is difficult to achieve uniformity when installing the outer side of the gutter, so the outer gutter does not need to look for the slope.

In fact, it is very difficult to find slopes in the inner gutter, especially when therain gutter is used about 9m, there will be deflection in the middle of the span, which will be higher on the top of the column, and the downspout pipe can not be done in the middle of the span. Even if the chloroprene waterproof layer is used to find the slopes, it can only be slightly flat, so the water will surely accumulate in the depression when it rains on the roof. Furthermore, the anticorrosion performance of steel plate gutter must be good. It is difficult to find slopes in the color plate gutter. We can get such data by calculating. We can find slopes according to the smallest five thousandths. If a 9 m downspout pipe is used, the height difference between the two ends of the gutter needs 45 mm. This is very difficult to make, and the lap of the gutter is also very difficult to handle.

If it is rainy in the south, it is suggested that the inner gutter should find 2% of the slope. This requires attention in design and manufacture. The cross sections at both ends of a guter should be divided into high and low sections. The cutting of steel plate should be based on the gradient, the welding of high and high sections during manufacture, and the welding of low and low sections can make a long inner gutter with gradient.

In a word, whether or not to find slope in rain gutter should depend on local climate conditions. In rainy areas in the south, it is impossible to refuse to find slope in rain gutter because of difficulties in finding slope. In combination with construction specifications, appropriate schemes should be formulated according to the greatest actual conditions of the project in order to achieve perfection.

(6) Improvement in design of rain gutter 

In the field construction, many improper designs can be found, which brings a lot of trouble to the manufacture and installation. For example, in the design of steel plate composite gutter, the gutter designed with old design ideas sometimes brings inconvenience to the construction in the installation. Why do the floor and the outer plate of the gutter have to be connected directly at 90 degrees? The 90 degree straight-knotted trench makes the middle of the outer panel of the gutter rise slightly when the upper edge of the gutter is strengthened by stretching strips, and the gutter decorative panel can not be installed close to it. When welding the outer plate and the bottom plate, the inclination of a certain angle will bring convenience to the installation of the gutter rim. After the installation of the large rim under the gutter, the height of the heave can be neglected, and the dust is not easy to adhere to, and the cleaning times can be reduced. Although it is a small discovery, it reduces a lot of manpower and financial resources.

(7) Assuming the Development of New Material gutter

gutter is one of the most difficult components to choose in steel structure factory building. At present, the commonly used steel plate, color plate and stainless steel plate are not the best – either anti-corrosion is not handled well, or the connection is not good. In fact, the problem of gutter in engineering has always been a difficult one to deal with. Because of the irregularity of the manufacture and installation of steel gutter, the problem of waterproofing and leakage has been unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new materials of gutter. Whether we can use plastic steel purlin to complete the structure of the gutter. I think it’s possible, or it’s possible to cover the steel gutter with hot spraying hard plastic to complete the required process.


To sum up, in the maintenance system of steel roof, the following principles should be followed in order to make the gutter play its proper use function and give full play to its good decorative effect.

1. Rationality of design. The design conforms to the norm, and according to the local environment and the size of roof area, a practical, economical and beautiful gutter is designed.

2. Strict quality control. Start from lofting to calculate the size and reduce errors, so as to avoid the deformation of components in production and transportation.

3. Fine installation. Skillful and meticulous installation will make the decorative effect natural.

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