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12 features of double wall gutter

12 features of double wall gutter

Xingyin compmany’s new double-wall rain gutter system is based on the breakthrough of traditional building water gutters, pursuing innovative thinking concepts and designing a new type of water-falling system with modern and smooth lines. It enhances the overall effect of the building and adds a chic charm to the building. It satisfies the customers’ desire for innovation; the white, gray and brown colors allow the customers to choose the colors and make the exterior walls and roofs more harmonious and energetic, making the building and the natural environment more integrated.

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1. The design of the internal structure of the double-walled rain gutter maintains the durability and rigidity of the water-falling system.

2. the design of the two-part fixed clip makes the pvc downpipe look beautiful and can be well fixed to any exterior wall façade.

3. The protective net and round inner wall design reduce the number of decontamination and make dust removal convenient and fast.

4. the entire double-wall rain gutter drop system is beautiful in appearance and elegant in color.

5. double-walled gutters have good toughness, low temperature impact resistance, and can resist impact. When the ladder is under pressure, when the roof has snow, the double-walled gutter is not easy to be sunken, twisted or deformed.

6. more high temperature resistant PVC material, can resist long-term sun exposure.

7. anti-ultraviolet, good aging resistance, acid and alkali corrosion, as long as new.

8.double-walled gutters are easy to cut, easy to install, no special tools required.

9. mature formula technology, to maintain product performance with superior stability.

10 The double-wall gutter cover is exquisitely made, and the components are connected in a reliable way to ensure that the system does not leak and the drainage is smoother.

11.The inner wall of the double-walled gutter is designed with a small arc edge to prevent dirt from collecting and easy to clean.

12.The double-wall gutter’s water bucket is equipped with special lifting members with locking devices for easy movement (such as lawn mower or regular maintenance).

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